Sunday, 2 September 2007

Our Very First Award - Woohoo!

Ooh! We are so thrilled to receive this award from Amel and we should like to take this opportunity to thank her, Matt's budgies, Norman & Ollie - the cats, Eddie the greengrocer, Steven Spielberg, J K Rowling, Rasputin the Mad Monk, the Marquis de Sade, Vlad the Impaler and our other dear reader, without whom, none of this could ever have been possible...Thank you! Agnes & Matt.

And then, just hours later, Fish Without Bicycle kindly sent us this award, which is equally thrilling and luvverly to receive - so thank you, FWB, we shall treasure this forever and guarantee it will never be used as a door stop like those ungrateful actors do with their BAFTAs.


Nim said...

tee hee!

Well done!

(psst! what has it got to do with Weaverham stores..? and do I even want to know..?)

Agnes Mildew said...

I'm just hoping that Eddie the grocer might give me a discount for my shameless plug on my endless purchases of cat food - for the cats, not for any Hot Top Sex Tips, I hasten to add!

One can dream, eh?

Nim said...

LOL!!! My geography teacher was from Weaverham. Strange place. My friend Karen had a crush on him and made me cycle over there when I was 15 (yes, from here). It reminds me of one of those weird places John Wyndham used to write about in his books such as 'The Midwich Cookoos'. You still have grocers over there for a start. Now, in the sprawling metropolis that is Warrington, we've done away with grocers. I think they went out and shot them all to pay for the new monstrosity of a mall in town centre.

Agnes Mildew said...

I am not native to Weaverham, let me make that crystal clear! And I do not intend living out the rest of my days here, either!

Yes, it is a bit of a 'missing link' village, isn't it? Neither one thing nor the other. We do have a great unwashed element, which is always fun to observe (at a safe distance) but the grocer's is my source of gossip, humour, mild flirtation (need to keep in practise!) and Pot Noodles.

Why did I think you were American and had come over from the States to work?

Nim said...

Not Native to Weaverham...that's a relief! I rode through there a few weeks ago when I was training for my half ironman thing... that charming yoof element you speak of, scared the wits out of me (not that that is saying very much). Grocers, now they really must be a dying breed.

As for me. Maybe it's the writing. I have a couple of USA friends which have been following my blogging antics for a couple of years so I tend to slip into USA-isms a bit here and there. Plus you can never tell whether an academic is really with us or not. It's an artform...and not one I'm mastering very well. I do keep trying though.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ahhh great minds think alike as I sent you an award this week too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog guys.


Mark Dykeman said...

Congratulations on winning your award! My gift to you is to tag you with the Super 8 meme...