Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hex My Ex Lives...

I am in the throes of writing my very own website for this domain name - - but in the meantime, why don't you familiarise yourself with my ramblings and get to know me a wee bit better?

I am a thwarted, but not (that!) bitter ex. But I do know how bitter one can be - particularly if your best beloved runs off with your best friend, screws you out of as much money as possible, and denies you access to your children...but as I say, I am not bitter!

So, apart from business blogs, which are unutterably dull, this is the first time I have done any blogging...Quite nerve-wracking, being a blogging virgin, isn't it? I know most of you lot will be old hands and swanking over me, but give me some time, give me time...Once I get into the swing of things, you will learn what a recidivous vixen I can be!

I shall tell you a little more about HexMyEx as it nears its birth and launch on the WWW, as no bugger is going to steal my concept from me yet! But, suffice to say, it will be fantastic and all you single people out there, and I know there is at least another one (Matt!) will enjoy contributing to it and maybe even find some succour (sucker?!) from it...

Well, today I was mighty displeased to discover that my new-found favourite band Ghosts have already played at Delamere Forest. They have a gig at Barfly in Liverpool in July, but it's on a Monday. For Pete's sake, who wants to go to a gig on a Monday night in town? Not me, that's for sure. I am too old for that nonsense!

Anyway, apart from that, I have written about six more pages for the forthcoming and am really getting into my stride. My thwarted-ex-in-arms, friend and collaborator, Matt Chingduvé, is hoping to call in some favours from his brother to help us bring our website to fruition. Matt's brother runs a superlative web design agency Rusty Monkey and maybe they will take pity on us...then again...maybe not, and it's down to Microsoft Front Page for us! But they are pretty bloody good and their band Evil Scarecrow is not to be taken lightly, either!

Well, it is my intention to keep you all abreast of developments for Hex My Ex, so stay tuned, feel free to comment accordingly and if you want your ex hexing, come to me: ATTRACTIS PEDIBUS PATENTE PORTA PERCURRENT RAPHANIQUE MUGILESQUE!! Or...With ankles strapped and the rear-entry opened, you'll be torpedoed by a fast-acting suppository of mullet and radish...Wonder what Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall would make of that concoction for River Cottage?


Matthew Chingduvé said...

I welcome the birth of hexmyex to her proud parents, Inter and Net. With potentially hundreds and thousands of wronged souls out there awaiting some light-hearted (or stronger) justice, or simply to spill the beans on what, in hindsight, was a complete waste of time and space, I feel that a good time will be had by all!

Or perhaps just you and I. Though I doubt it!

Let's Hex!

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to go back and read that very first post, isn't it?

I deleted my first blog after a year in a moment of 'Aahhhh'. Silly billy.

Wish I hadn't. I won't make that mistake with this one!