Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Present Presentations

I am not very comfortable in Public Speaking situations, despite being able to talk to any loony, alcoholic, tramp or lawyer on the street.

So, when I was informed that I would be accompanying the commercial director and the marketing manager on their ‘Roadshows’ to present the work I have done on their e-commerce site, my knees wobbled slightly, I paled dramatically and my voice broke like a teenage boy’s.

For weeks, I have fretted about the forthcoming presentations, but resolved to use Power Point to the best of my (limited) ability and put on such a good visual display that they wouldn’t really bother to listen to me and my stammering deliveries.

The boss, a blunt Northerner if ever there was one, hauled me in to go through the presentation with him.

So, what the f*ck’s this mean? Whatcher on about ‘ere? Talk to me in Northern speak, not yer tecky stuff. I only just understand bits of what yer say, so f*ck knows what the rest of them’ll think if yer don’t speak normal.

But, I protested, I have to use these terms because...well...that is their name. Search Engine Optimisation does what it says on the tin. You optimise the site for the search engines. Moves you up the Engine Results Pages...

Look. It’s all boll*cks to me. I know you’re bringing in the sales and I know we’re gettin’ loads of visitors, but I want you to show off to them. Actually, keep talking yer tecky boll*cks ‘cos then they’ll realise that you know what you’re on about and give us a load of online deals. Just make them visuals bigger. Can’t f*ckin’ read anything...

Off I went to make the visuals bigger.

The visuals were then pulled apart again as, unfortunately, we weren’t showing ourselves quite as favourably as the boss wanted in comparison with other sites who’d had an online presence for many years longer than us. I was called in to account for my action as to why I had left one particular slide in which didn’t look brilliant. This was first thing Monday morning, the morning of our first presentation. I had thought of this on the Saturday night and realised I had been a wally about it. Unfortunately, so did the boss.

Get it sorted out, he barked.

Yes, I know, I had thought about this over the weekend, and it was my first job today. Sorry.

S’alright. I don’t have the monopoly on being a tw*t, you know, he informed me, quaintly...

The presentation went OK, I guess. As I stumbled out of the meeting room with knees knocking and lit up my cigarette with fumbling hands, the boss came out after me.

Alright, Tiger? He asked me. What d’yer think of that, then?

I dunno? What did you think of it?

You were OK. You talked your tecky boll*cks and nobody knew what the hell you were on about. That’s fine by me. Just try to tell them what meta information is next time, though. That’s really weird stuff.

The next presentation was on the Wednesday. We were flying to Gatwick from Manchester in the morning, which meant a start of 5am for me. I was most distressed that Mr Parnsip refused to rouse himself from his pit to make me a cuppa as I showered. It is the last time I do it for him when he is travelling at ungodly hours, I have since vowed...(Charles, are you reading this?)

I was told to tailor the presentation for the second supplier by using slides of their products and some of the online collaborations I have supervised. I attempted to get it sorted out whilst rushing around like a headless chicken as my phone rang repeatedly with calls from my colleague in the e-Pharmacy who was having a panic about a knackered refund system which was deciding to credit a customer’s credit card with almost half a million pounds for two tubes of haemorrhoid unguent. I deemed sorting this out with our developers slightly more important than the presentation and thus only had half an eye on it all.

As the boss waddled off to the toilets and passed me as I skulked back to my desk from a sneaky fag, I asked if all was OK on it.

Aye, apart from not screen shooting the home page, and getting the procedure of purchasing in the wrong order. So, apart from it being sh*te, it’s fine. Gerrit sorted.

I did. I got it sorted, and as I went right through the presentation, slide by slide, I realised that yes, I didn’t actually have to take on the mantle of being a tw*t: rather than go right through to the end, the boss had left up the name of the supplier to whom we had presented on Monday. My somewhat sneering query as to whether I should alter it to the more appropriate supplier was greeted with: Stop being a smart*rse! And meet me at Boots in the airport tomorrow. 7.30am. Don’t be late. And don’t forget your passport.

I arrived at 7.15 and parked up in the long-stay car park, to which I had been ordered and where I handed over £19.00 for a day’s parking. It was bitterly cold and there had been freezing fog all the way. I deeply yearned for the warmth of my bed, where I knew Mr P slumbered and pushed out the zeds as his mouth gaped and slobbered across the pillow. I was not happy.

I was even more unhappy that I couldn’t, for the life of me, find Boots. Off I went to the Bureau de Change to ask where it was. Upstairs, I was duly informed.

Upstairs I went. No Boots. Not anywhere. So I then asked Security where it was. Through Departures.

Harumph! I was a bit narked that the boss couldn’t be fagged meeting me before check-in, but I did my bit, got strip-searched, bleeped a few times going through machines and finally got to Boots.

My phone rang.

Where are you?

I’m outside Boots. I couldn’t answer the phone immediately because I was going through security.

Worra yer goin’ through security for? I told you! Meet me at Boots!

Well, I was told that the Boots was in the Departures lounge. That’s what I was told by security.
No, no, no! When you get to the top of the stairs, it’s on your right. You can’t miss it. Got that dirty big sign B-O-O-T-S outside it.

Well, I’m here now. So I’ll meet you at this Boots, eh?

Fifteen minutes later, he and another colleague pitched up. He wouldn’t meet my eye properly and so I asked R where the Boots was.

The silly s*d, she expostulated. There isn’t a Boots on the other side. You found the only one.

The boss had the dignity to look suitably sheepish and blustered about being sure it had once been a Boots but was now trading as WH Smith. It didn’t wash with R who shot him down. She’s a hockey player, so she takes no cr*p from anyone.

We stood and waited...and waited...and waited...

Eventually, the captain came to us and informed us that, due to a technical hitch, the plane would not be taking off and Gatwick was fog-bound.

We were not flying to London that day.

We left Departures, having queued for an eternity to have our tickets validated for refund and headed out.

Right, we’re off this way, said the Boss. Where are you? In Long Stay? Oh. Thought I told you to park in Short Stay where I am?

No, you bloody didn’t, I snarled.

I waited at the shuttle bus for 15 minutes in the icy wind and the -2degC temperatures, shivering in my short skirt and thin suit jacket.

Then I realised that I had left my parking exit ticket and couldn’t leave the car park. I rushed back in to the machines and some kind soul, bless his/her heart, had had the decency to leave my ticket atop the machine. That person will go to heaven one day.

Another fifteen minutes wait for the next bus.

And eventually, I got to the office. I decided not to stay long and made an excuse to slope off up to our internet pharmacy where I sat and drank lovely hot coffee with my opposite number up there until 3pm when she told me to clear off home and put my feet up.

I did.

And in a few weeks, I will be attempting to make the rescheduled Gatwick trip again. Wish me luck...


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ahhh good luck with it Agnes. I hate public speaking, but apparently it's a common fear. Feared more than death they say!!

I miss Boots!!

Charles Parsnip said...

These things could only happen to you Agnes. If I wasn't there to see it, I'd believe you had been dreaming.

I love my bed.


Keli said...

I loathe public speaking and believe it or not, I taught a class on giving proper presentations for five straight years. Last year was my last as I got tired of the heart thumping loudly against the chest, the wobbly, knocking knees, my stammering speech and the idiot audience members.
That said, I wish you the very best on your Gatwick trip!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I don't mind public speaking. But I sure hate public parking and having to meet anyone in an airport. That would be more like my nightmare.

Anonymous said... sure sounds like you and I are in the same business (different countries): SEM, SEO

I get all your tecky babble!

Difference is, my spawn-from-Satan, boss steals all our presi's! She has us create them, with our know-how and projections, then edits to her benefit and presents to the execs as her work. She is truly a nasty piece of work.

Criminally Mundane

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Dear Agnes, I have tagged Charles Parsnip for a meme (I recall that you mentioned that you hated them). I think Mr Parsnip needs a meme initiation.

Agnes Mildew said...

I apologise to all our commenters who have not had an acknowledgement - but things have overtaken me this week!

Fish: I can well believe that fact. I actually asked Mr P to break one of my legs in the hope that I could get out of the presentation. He refused on the grounds that I was too heavy to carry upstairs to the loo all the time...

Charles: When are we going to turn my life into a Horror Flick?

Keli: I am so surprised that you didn't become innured to your fears...I thought it got better the more you did it? Then again, I am still dreading Gatwick and worse still, the London trip on 26 March.

Linda: Yes, those are pet hates of mine, too. I think I have come to the gradual realisation that all I want to do is be a crofter on the Outer Hebrides and grow sheep.

Criminally Mundane: Thanks for your visit. You need to get another job. There's nothing worse than a boss who blatantly steals your stuff but won't admit to it. Mine does - he tells us all he has us doing his work for him so he looks good - but he delivers it in such an honest way that you can't help but laugh!

Linda (again): I have pointed Charles to your meme and I am sure he will get onto it once he has stopped mourning the death of Gary Gyrax (the creator, I have been informed, of Dungeons and Dragons). If he won't do it, I will, because it looks one of the most fun I have ever seen! Aren't you coming up this way fairly soon? Remember...don't visit the White Pub!

Flowers On A Friday said...

public speaking is a nightmare but public speaking in a suit is definitely the worst.

it must be the strangled feeling or perhaps that, for me at least, it always exaggerated the sense that i was just a big kid playing at being a businessman. who knows. anyway, i'm glad i escaped that life.

good luck next time!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I thought I'd read this post before. In fact, the comment from Flowers On A Friday is mine!!!!!!!
My old blog was FlowersOnAFriday before I moved it over to Wordpress. I thought this corner smelt familiar :)

Agnes Mildew said...

Tom: I don't think I have even noticed the Flowers comment, to be honest! I normally reply to them all so this one has slipped through the net inadvertently! How odd!